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100ml Saline Spray
100ml Spray Can
10x10 Wound Dressing
10cm x 10cm
20 x 10 Wound Dressing
20cm x 10cm
240ml Saline Spray
240ml Spray Can
Cotton Wool Balls
Pack of 6
Cotton Wool Bandage
Single roll
Cotton Wool Bandages
Cut into 4 rolls
Instant Ice Pack
15cm x 20cm
Long Cohesive Bandage
10cm x 5m roll
Long Conforming Bandage
10cm x 4m roll
Padding Bandage (Dog)
7.5cm x 2.7m
Poultice Multipack
20cm x 20cm, 10cm x 20cm and 10cm x 10cm
Poultice Multipack - Out of Date 07/01/2016
20cm x 20cm, 10cm x 20cm and 10cm x 10cm
Ideal for bandages, swabs and dressings
Stable Bandages
Set of two (10cm x 3.1m)
10cm x 10cm
Tick Hook
Two tick hooks
Veterinary Thermometer
Digital thermometers
Wound Hydrogel
Vetalintex 15g tube